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Baccus collection FW23

Elegance and personality!

Welcome to our latest shirt collection for the autumn-winter season! We work to bring a collection that combines style, comfort and sophistication.

With different textures, from soft cotton to the velvety feel of flannel, each piece has been carefully designed to provide a luxurious feeling when you wear it. Touch is as important as appearance.

You will find a diversity of colors, earthy tones, deep greens and serene blues. The new collection brings the warm and cozy feeling of autumn and winter.

Each piece has been designed with special care, so you can easily combine each shirt with various styles for different occasions.

Your comfort is a priority for our team, we think about each fit so that they are practical and guarantee freedom of movement.

The materials were carefully selected, ensuring quality and respecting the environment. Explore Baccus’ new fall-winter shirt collection. A collection that stands out for its elegance and personality! Visit us at an official retailer.

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