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About us

BACCUS is a Clothing and Accessories Brand, 100% Portuguese signature, aimed at the male audience!

BACCUS has been progressively asserting itself as a leader in the Shirt sector in Portugal, due to the unbeatable quality it presents and the care in the details that aim at the distinction.

Created to make an impact on men’s fashion in Portugal, BACCUS, designates itself as a young, modern brand, with a serious style, betting on the latest world trends in the fashion world, as well as on the superior quality of its materials and design processes. manufacture.

The brand, created in 2007, had in its genesis, the premise of reinventing the profession of the traditional ” shirt master ”! Since then, BACCUS has been based on certain values, ranging from constant concern with the latest materials – from which the fabrics (from the best European houses) stand out, the use of the most advanced technologies, the constant search for excellence in the quality of final product, efficient service and a personal touch. Each piece is given individual attention to detail and detail, which are decisive factors in the satisfaction of the end customer.

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